Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Ultimate Battle - Momoko vs Momochi

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You don't like 'Momochi'? Yurushite nyan!
So, if there's one thing that any H!P fan knows, it's that 'Momochi' seems to be, generally, hated. However, what amuses me is that people don't seem to realise that 'Momochi' isn't real - she's a character, an enhanced version of Momoko. I wonder if anyone has noticed that, if anyone complains about Sayumi's based on her 'ichiban kawaii' act, they will blow a proper gasket trying to prove to you that it's all put on for the sake of entertainment, but, when the same accusations are made of our Pinky Queen, no-one appears to be nearly as quick to jump to her defense. Why that is, I'm not entirely sure but, regardless of the reason, here I stand, in protection of Momoko', maybe? Well, surely, you get my point.

Please love me, nyan~!
I believe it's basic knowledge that Sayumi's stint as the (self-proclamied) cutest girl in MoMusu, if not the world (though, isn't this all opinion? I find Reina cuter than Sayu, to be perfectly honest - she kind of reminds me of a cat at times and I'm extremely biased towards cats, and, she also has a kind of dainty, pixie look going for her) is all put on - some people believe that it's a little more than that seeing as it's been her default character since she joined the group (once she got past being the Tetris master, seeing as the appeal of that can only draw people in for so long), while others believe it's her own personal attempt to raise her self-esteem, due to the fact she didn't have many friends at school. Whatever the reason for it is, I don't really care, it's not my business, but, regardless, it's being used to her advantage as a selling point and nearly everyone seems to be aware of that by now. However, people are still accusing of Momoko of being annoying and vain. Is it because she's had less time for people to get used to the whole act? But, then, she hasn't even been 'Momochi' for her whole career. In fact, she's not even 'Momochi' all the time, which is something that makes her stand out from Sayu. If anything, the fact that she does make clear switches between these two personalities should make it more obvious that Momoko and Momochi are, technically, different people.

Momoko without the Momochi look. Face it, she looks far less creepy and somewhat endearing, too~

You have to consider that Momochi has actually done great things for Berryz Koubou, and Hello!Project in general. She's definitely brought attention to them, anyway. The 'Momochi' character makes for great telly, face it, and producers are aware of this. Why do you think Momoko's been getting so many TV shows lately? Viewers will eat the constant slapstick, sarcasm and tsukkomi-boke Momochi allows and provides right up, that's what the producers have come to realise. The moments where you can see her inner-Momoko slipping in through the cracks when Momochi is insulted or repremanded is also amusing, I find. I mean, this is an undeniable truth - do you see any other H!P members appearing as guests on VS Arashi, one of the (many) hugely popular show hosted by, y'know, only the most popular boyband Japan has ever seen? And just once! Twice, at least! So many people want to see H!P become more relevant in the world of J-Pop, particularly the groups that aren't MoMusu, seeing as theyre already a group destinied to go down in history, pretty much. Then, why, tell me, do they hate Momoko for her Momochi character? I mean, I get that they hate Momochi, but, why Momoko? Unless they disliked Momoko herself already, before the Momochi thing properly came about. That's fair enough.

Momo on VS Arashi - sure, I wanted a shot with her actually anywhere near Arashi, but the school's filtering system screwed that one up.

Though, I understand fully what the stigma towards the Momochi character is about - for a while, I wasn't too fond of it, but, now, I don't entirely care either way, granted I still get me some Momoko on the side. So, what's the deal with Momochi? Well, most people I've talked to about it find her annoying, creepy or both. She's got that weird, kind of forced smile and that squeaky-beyond-all-reason voice - the latter being an issue in that some people, who don't care enough about Momoko to pay her any attention yet bash her regardless, appear to have decided that this is her natural voice. Again, and I can't stress this enough, it's an act! Of course, there are some who do appreciate this but hate that squeaky voice because they find it irritating. Honestly, I think idol fans would be used to this by now. And, besides, at least you know it's meant to sound like it's put on. I'd prefer that to any of those god-awful idols who speak in soft and squeaky voices that are clearly fake without any kind of personality trait to pick it up. Of course, some people do just have squeaky voices but you can normally tell which ones are faking - they often speak in voices that only an awful fetish-tastic anime girl would have. On that note, the fact that Momoko's doing it as part of Momochi is a lot more appealing than what I just mentioned, seeing as Momochi's meant to be kind of annoying and not desirable or sexually enticing.

Okay, I admit, when she pulls things like this, I could see why people would find her a little creepy

Of course, a lot of the hate for Momochi appears to be directed specifically at her pigtails - why are they called pigtails anyway? I mean, just in general, pigs don't have two tails? To be honest, Momochi's pigtails look more like the tail of pony than any ponytail she's ever worn. That aside, the overwhelming majority of the H!P fandom, myself admittedly included, are bored to tears of seeing those bloody pigtails. Whether you thought they were kinda cute at first, or you hated them with a passion from the get-go, you're probably sick of them by now. Though, she very, very rarely wears her hair like that for Buono! - in fact, the Momochi act doesn't even touch Buono!, thankfully. As much as I love the girl, I want a break from the Momochi thing, too! Of course, she keeps up with the constant claims that she's the cutest but it's all clearly in good humour. The pigtails are a little scary, in their own right, in that they don't move. They're solid or something! Well, they move sometimes, I'm exaggerating, but, really, just watch the Be Genki! Naseba Naru video (which was, on a separate note, filmed in Minato 21, Yokohama, which explains why I thought the set was so pretty Yokohama, it's gorgeous).

My pigtails creep you out? Yurushite Nyan!
I swear, the Yurushite Nyan gag is pretty damn easy to catch onto. I won't lie - I do use this gag to piss my sister off. I don't blame Momo for using it so much, it's kinda fun.
I think one of the main issues with the whole Momochi thing is the obvious effect it has on her as a Berryz member. Now, I say Berryz member as, like I said, it doesn't really show up in the Buono! world. We were all sick of seeing her with the physics-defying pigtails and unnerving wide-eyed smile (eye-smiles are better on you, Momo!) in Berryz's PVs. Though, I'm sure the entire H!P fandom rejoiced when the pictures for their new single, WANT! were revealed, and, then again when the PV was dropped. No pigtails, no creepy smiles, nothing! Just 100% pure Momoko. The antics of Momochi were not able to taint this PV! I would even say that Momo looks the cutest she has in a long time in this PV. Yes, Momoko just showed Momochi how it was done. Yes, Momo just showed herself up.

Seriously, though, she looks lovely like this!! And purple suits her so well.
My personal belief is that they had her in the Momochi get-up for the last few singles, so that people who had seen her on TV could spot her easily. Maybe, if they had found her funny or entertaining, they'd become unwittingly interested in Berryz Koubou and, eventually, become a fan, however casual. But, since Momochi's been strutting her stuff for some time now, it's probably gotten to point where she's easily recognisable and distinct just on her own. Basically, as far as Berryz are concerned, Momochi's work is done. Though, I am in no way suggesting that Momochi will be taking the back seat. I imagine she'll remain on TV Screens, getting herself into embarrassing situations and confusing guests, for a good amount of time longer.

I have respect for Momoko, though. I'm honestly impressed by her ability to keep up the persona, but also switch to a different persona (unlike Sayumi, whom has, essentially, become her persona on camera). In this sense, she's a fantastic actor. On top of that, she's actually pretty talented. Sure, the Momochi voice distracts you from it, but she's a really good singer. When she sings in her lower, more natural voice, granted she's not doing that shouty thing she does, she sounds amazing. And, face it, regardless of what tone she's using, she's pitch-perfect. I still harbour much respect for Momoko, who was the person I admired greatly and wanted to be just like when I was between the ages of 12 and 14 (I'm currently 16, 17 on Saturday, so), and she's my favourite in current H!P (she's second overall - I can't deny the perfection that is Ai-cha, I apologise). I'd like to admit it, right now. I'm proud to claim that I am, in fact, an otomomochi!


  1. I hate that your writing is so convincing, because it's making me appreciate both Momochi (URGH) and Momoko (URGH)...


  2. I've always thought that Momoko's voice was great. Sure, the tone of it is much different that what we expect as a Western music listener. But, she really is spot on with pitch and control. I don't think I've ever heard her struggle with a song- not off the top of my head anyways.

    And, true. Why is it Hello! fans can stomach and compartmentalize the idol personality of Sayu but not that of Sayu? This is especially puzzling since Sayu is not anywhere near the singer that Momo is.

    Great thoughts! I enjoyed the read.

    1. Me neither. I've heard many a person claim that she can't sing just cause she does that high voice sometimes. But, honestly, just cause someone's voice may not appeal to you, does that necessarily mean their bad? Not that I knew of, anyway.

      I know, it's always confused me. I've always been able to pass of Momo's act if it begins to annoy me based on the fact that she's a powerful singer and a pretty comptetent dancer. If she does anything annoying, surely her talent makes that forgiveable. But, oh well~

      I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reading~!

  3. Wow, I did not know there was a word like Allodoxaphobia existed. O_O

    Anyways, I don't think most people hate Momochi just dislike her character but you know what? If it gets her popular and brings in ratings that's a good thing no? People have to realise that image does not mean she is always like that. She is definitely bringing more attention to her, Berryz Koubou and Hello!Project. I'm surprised Risako doesn't seem to get much more even though she's pretty much the face of the group yet also the baby.

    It's strange because I've always said to myself, why didn't she start doing this when she was younger like when Berryz were appearing on Music Fighter or doing songs like Special Generation? It would have been cool for me to have started then but maybe it would have died out by now...I don't think anyone knows why they are called pigtails. But to be honest, I do wish she did do another hairstyle. I really love her hair down or in a high ponytail.

    Also happy belated birthday ^^

    1. Yeah, it's a fear of other people's opinions, it's brilliant xD

      Yeah, but I've met a few people who decide thety hate Momo because of it, or want nothing to do with Momo because of her character, regardless of how they feel about her. And, though, Risako is the face, I don't know if there's ever been much about her that stood out against other idols. I mean, recently, with her bright hair colours which sure as hell aren't common in idols, she'll probably turn heads, I don't know.

      That's a good point cause she always has been Momochi - one thing that annoys me about that name is that it used to be a casual nickname for Momoko but now it's a whole different thing. But, yeah, she's always had the pinky thing and high voice and the tiny build (she's kind of like a pixie or a doll or something, in some respects). I'm glad she's starting to move away from the pigtails, but she sure as hell ain't doing it quick enough. After all, I always thought Momo looked awesome with side ponytails and stuff. And the two styles you mentioned.

      Thank you~ ;w;