~About Phob~

Who am I?

I'm Phob (real name Phoebe), a seventeen year-old fangirl living in Scotland - I say 'living' because I was actually born in England and lived there until I was five years old. Funnily enough, mind you, I've never quite lost the English accent. I'm studying Computer Games (Art & Animation) at Uni. I take great interest in Japanese culture and history (without bordering on the fetishistic and weabooish, I must point out). I'm slowly but surely teaching myself the language, too. Also, though I maintain that giraffes are possibly my favourite animal, I'm crazy about cats in a way that I'm not with other animals.

Me as a Fangirl

If asked what fandom I belong to, I'd quickly state that I am a Lover/Hyphen - in simpler terms, both a dedicated fan of GACKT and KAT-TUN. Of course, there are other fandoms of which I consider myself a loyal member but, without a shadow of a doubt, these are two fandoms I hold closest to my heart. Other things I'm a huge fan of are Johnny's Entertainment (as a whole, KAT-TUN are just that little bit better than the rest), Hello! Project, Various J-Pop artists and some K-Pop artists. I'm also a fan of many J-Dramas and manga. Recently, I've also developed an obsession with watching movies, of any origin.
I also really love video games, my favourite franchises being Final Fantasy, Dynasty Warriors (thoughIlovekoeiwarriorsgamesasawhole) and Spyro (the original trilogy).
As you'll discover in a later segment of this page, I don't deal well with social situations and would much rather spend my time focusing myself entirely on my interests. As such, the vast majority of my life revolves around my fandoms - I'm sure this is the case for most fans but it is, I suppose, especially true of me. In fact, I'm almost certain that most of the people I know are probably sick of hearing me rant on and on about the things I love, especially if they themselves are not a fan. I'd even go as far to claim that I have the uncanny ability to drive most topics of conversation in the direction of one of obsessions.

Asperger's and Me

It's worth noting that I actually have Apserger's Syndrome - if you're not familiar with this term, then this is worth a read, and, in the case you know what it is but don't fully understand this, here's a really lovely simplification you can check out. This probably won't come into my blogging very much, but, who knows? This somewhat explains my devoted obsession with the things I love. I can't just love it, I have to know everything I can. As such, I'm somewhat of a bank of GACKT/Kamenashi Kazuya trivia and other totally useless facts. Due to my Asperger's, I tend to have trouble expressing myself verbally in many cases, but I find great refuge in writing. If something's really eating me, the best soltuion for me is to write up a huge-ass rant on it and smack it as an OOC post in the Roleplay community of which I am a very active member. This way, no-one I'm ranting about will see it, or so I assume, and no-one has to read it if they don't want to. This is also why I started this blog. Writing is an emotional outlet for me and it is important that I have something like that, I feel. Otherwise, the feelings end up being bottled up and it stresses me out.

What is this blog for?

This blog is yet another place where I can just vent. One use for this blog is to rant about artists I like and various things in relation to them (keeping in mind that doesn't stop me from automatically exploding in Facebook statuses when I feel like it). Another is reviewing things I like. I find it incredibly fun to talk about what I like and dislike, and why. Again, it's an emotional outlet for me, and I enjoy the freedom to speak about things like this without boring any poor, unwitting creatures who don't really care. So, really, this blog is not strictly J-Pop and K-Pop-focused.