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[SINGLE REVIEW] So, UFP took a chance and decided to actually spend money? Finally!

Morning Musume - Wakuteka Take a chance
All opinions are my own. I don't expect you to share my opinions not should you expect me to share your's. If there's anything you strongly disagree with here then, sure, feel free to say so, granted your willing to do so in a civilised manner. But, otherwise, no. Jussst no.

Wow, UFP, Reina's had enough of your bullshit, look. And, here, she thought Aibutt's departure would get her a constant centre position.
First thing's first, I'd like to make it clear that this is not a review of the PV but the single as a whole in which I will be looking at the A-Side and each B-Side individually. I will probably end up reviewing the PV, too, soon enough but that will be in an entirely different post than what you see here.

Wakuteka Take a chance

Of course, it would only be naturally to start off with the single's A-side. Now, I won't lie - I saw the dance practice and wasn't exactly wne over by the song to the extent that I turned it off after the first chorus and didn't listen to it again until the Temp PV came out. I didn't dislike it, I just wasn't bothered. I suppose...I couldn't be bothered listening to an LQ preview like that? But, when the Temp PV came out, I fell in love with the song. Suddenly, even though I never had any issues with it, I loved the direction in which Morning Musume were heading. It's a seriously catchy song in every respect. The tune, the beat, the lyrics. They all stick. It's one of my favourite Morning Musume A-sides (now, I say A-sides because there's a bunch of brilliant album tracks and B-Sides) in a while, actually...since Kimagure Princess, maybe? But, really, I love this. The effects used, though plentiful in their numbers which often doesn't work out (especially for H!P), actually sound really awesome. They fit the song so well and I don't actually think there are parts that would sound better if they just turned down the autotune a little. It's very techno and dance-esque, but it's also so very Morning Musume - if anyone claims that this song is ripping off K-Pop just because of techno aspect and the autotune effects then they need to shove their face in a blender or something. That's how quintessentially MoMusu-esque this song is. Also, the dance is brilliant. The only area in which this song is lacking is the line distribution, which is, as per usual, nothing brilliant. But, y'know, it's not just H!P - it's a basic fact of pop groups, isn't it?

Love Innovation

To tell true, this is the only track of the entire single I haven't listened to until all now, so this is a totally new thing to me right now. It's got a nice beat in the back which makes the song seem really easy to dance to. The melody is nice, too. I like how the vocal melody is quite soft and tame, while the back is a little more upbeat. It's very reminiscent of older Hello! Project songs, I feel - by this, I mean 2003-2006, by the way. It sounds like it could have been one of Berryz or C-ute's earlier B-Sides, so to speak. No complaints - I love the old Berryz tracks. I do really like how it's upbeat but it's not a hyper song, so to speak. It's really smooth and laid-back. This smoothness hasn't been present in H!P songs for some time now, I feel. It's a really cute song without being too in-your-face cute. Somehow, it also reminds me of the AKB48 song, 'Inseki no Kakuritsu'. Which is a good thing - I like that song (AKB's more obscure songs often appeal to me more than their singles)

The compostion of this design really leaves nothing to be desired and the two 10ki girls both look so awkward. Reina is beauts as always, though.

Futsuu no Shoujo A Tanaka Reina, Sato Masaki & Kudou Haruka

Out of the B-Sides, this one is definitely my favourite, hands-down. I'm a sucker for Latino-style J-Pop, by the well. The instruments also remind me of certain levels of Kingdom Hearts. This song also confirmed something big for me - I love Masaki. For ages, I really didn't like her, but she looked so sweet in the Wakutetka PV that I found it hard not to like her and, in this track, somehow I'm really drawn to her. However, I'm still drawn to her the least here. Honestly, though, listening to this, I realise that the two 10kis have such great potential. Daishi and Harunyan's voice aren't that strong, you see - don't get me wrong, I love them both, especially Harunyan (I love her voice, even if it isn't that strong, cause it's got a nice tone to it). But, first, Masaki's got some way to go before she's properly good, but she could easily be really awesome. And Kuduu? Well, she's almost there already. I love her voice and, at parts in this song, she does sound like a mini-Miki (not intended to sound like some weird butchering of 'mini-me'. I really love the tone of her voice. Though, it also makes me angry. Kuduu should get more lines, I'm not kidding. Unfortunately, though, she's not as popular as Masaki and Daishi and, so, isn't the 10ki who gets a push. Pfft. Though, she is getting pushed in other areas, I'm not ignoring that - I just wished her vocals were acknowledged a little more. And, on top of that, when Sakura joins, I demand that her and Kuduu get a duo. And, of course, Reina, my current MoMusu Oshi. Actually, I went off Reina for a little bit and I'm not sure why - nothing about her in One・Two・Three impressed me, particularly. I heard her solo song off the new album and it was kind of epiphany? I realised Reina's voice had gotten really good lately but she's much more suited to ballads. She does ballads so well. So, in this...well, I love her voice here. This song is pretty much perfect for her voice. And, these three, they blend so well. I love this song. A lot.

This cover's quite cute, but the difference in energy between the hyperactive and almost-psychotic looking Daishi and the calm and demure Mizupon is a little odd. Oh well~ Still cute.

Daisuki 100man-ten Fukumura Mizuki & Ishida Ayumi

First off, this is a really cute song! But, not in an obvious, forced cutesy way, like Mizupon's last duo which was the source of some irritation for me. As such, I can't express how happy I am that Mizupon got a GOOD duo track, even if it was with the next person on my list of Least Favourite Singers in Current MoMusu (sorry, Sayu. And Daishi!)
That being said, this song really works for Daishi. I think she has some some potential. Or, at least, she would if it weren't for the fact that she sounds out-of-breath. I mean, who sounds out-of-breath in a Studio recording?
Mizupon, however, sounds perfect in this. Recently, I've been doubting the quality of her voice, probably because she does get stuck with the worst solos in the songs she does get them in. Mind, that's better than what most members get. In this song, her voice sounds really nice and clear. I love it. I'm definitely reminded of why I do love Mizupon.
On top of that, their voices blend really, really together. They have similar pitches and, I'd say tones, but Mizupon's soft while Daishi's a little rougher.
The song also reminds me of an older Berryz Koubou track, like, it has that feel to it. It possibly doesn't help that there's a certain part of the chorus that reminds me a lot of Fighting Pose wa Date Ja nai!. Though, I don't mind that multiple tracks on the single remind me of Berryz's older stuff - I really loved that style and now that Berryz have changed direction recently (or back in 2008 or something, whatever works for you), so it's nice to hear songs with this feeling to them again.

Oh, Riho, you don't look entirely there, do you? You're off somewhere else. I like how the ordering of the members creates a little Green-Not-Green-Not-Green pattern, but couldn't we have someone else in centre for once? But, the SayaSuzu handholding's adorbs

Shinen dake wa Tsuranu Kitouse! Michishige Sayumi, Ikuta Erina, Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon & Iikubo Haruna

This is a really fun song to listen to, I have to say. It seems like it could be a single or something. I could see if having a really interesting video and dance. It's catchy and very upbeat. I totally have a thing for this genre of song, though, I think C-ute rock it best.
The odd thing, though, is that I have a habit of forgetting that Riho's in this song. No idea why, nothing against her. Also, I have an issue with Sayu's chosen pitch - she's singing in a higher pitch that normal and it doesn't fit the song. She has the ability to fit a song like this, just look at that Otomegumi song - Yuujou! Kokoro ni Busu ni Naranee. Sayu, there was a chance for me to appreciate your vocals and you wasted it! Wasted it!
And, unless my voice recognition skills have gone to shit, then, I must say...WHERE ARE ERIPON'S SOLO LINES? In the singles and full group songs, I mean. Cause she sounds awesome in this. Her voice is pretty.  She's actually quite good, or, well, listenable. She could be really awesome with time, though. She's better than Daishi and Masachi, anyway. Where's all the Eripon love? Thanks to this song, I must say that she's actually gone up in my expectations. Keeping in mind that, in this single's line-up, she's actually my 4th favourite, followed by Harunan at 5th - she has a weaker voice, but something just draws me to her voice. Zukki also sounded positively adorable in this, I have to say. I wanna squishy the Zukki~


Overall, I think this is one of MoMusu's best full singles in a while. There are more B-Sides than normal, as was the case with One・Two・Three, and I love all the song. Yes, I did like the songs on One・Two・Three, but I'm not sure they stuck with me in nearly the same way, though, Seishun Domannaka was super cute. On top of that, the line-ups are more interesting. The generation thing was a bit done-there, been-that, I feel. I like to see how the girls blend in different styles, with different member combinations. I really love this single and, with this, my faith in the new Morning Musume is fully restored. Actually, no, 'fully' is an exaggeration. The line distriubution still sucks balls, though, I'm aware that's just how groups work sometimes.


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