Saturday, 15 October 2011

[REVIEW] Kim Hyun Joong - Lucky Guy gusta ;D

All opinions expressed are my own. You wanna complain about other people's views, then quit reading blogs or whatever. And considering the inevitable bias of this post, you're probably a hater, anyway, if you disagree enough with my opinions enough to get annoyed.

So, Kim Hyun Joong, my favourite person in the entire K-Pop business, recently came out with his 2nd mini-album and 4th MV as a solo artist. Of course, as much as I want to see SS501 back together again, despite the fact I became a fan in the middle of their current hiatus, I'm really loving Leader's solo stuff. Out of all the SS501 members' solo stuff, his is definitely my favourite. Though, as always, I may be biased. But, I think it's mostly that I like his general style of music best. Not that his style is perfectly consistent, but all the genres he's tackled so far have been pretty awesome genres and the songs have gone down brilliantly well with me. His voice isn't the strongest I've heard, but it's really nice and listenable, and I'd listen to it over plenty of better singers, (though, his voice is GOOD, I'm not denying that). The way I feel about his voice is probably similar to the way I feel about Yamapi's, only...the feelings aren't as strong as compared to those which I have for Yamapi xD Though, that being said, Hyun Joong has always looked kind of like a Korean Yamapi to me, anyway.

Right, now, tangent over, on to the actual reviewing part.

First off, the song.
Their seems to be an almost spy/surfer-ish guitar riff playing in the background throughout the song's verses. And lots of big brass instruments in the chorus and stuff. It's not a totally new or original style, but it sounds good. It gives the song a fun and lively feel.
The song is also really catchy. I've heard the song about 3 or 4 times, and the chorus is already completely stuck in my head. It gets under your skin, but in a good way. The vocalisation thingies in the chorus sound really good, too. I love when Hyun Joong does those. Actually, he's one of these people who should just hold notes all the time. He sounds really awesome doing it.
Well, not all the time. I'm exaggerating. But, whatever.
I don't know what else to say about the song itself. It's good, it's catchy, it's lively, it's danceable, so-on so-forth.

So, then...
On to the MV.
It's mostly really awesome.
Only possible complaint is the beginning where the girl's in her bikini and Hyun Joong's totally checking her out. Not because I'm the kind of fan who gets annoyed by her favourite male celebs checking out girls, I feel that getting jealous over celebrities is pathetically futile. Ah, so this is where the 'My opinions are my opinions' thing comes in. Because, yeah, I feel strongly about that crap. And more very opiniated stuff here.
If jealousy isn't why I dislike the scene, what is?
Well, a women standing about looking attractive in a bikini...slightly objectifying. I can't be bothered going into my reasons why, cause that will cause another ramble session, but, yeah, that's my only criticism.
I mean, Hyun Joong looks great throughout the MV, the colour scheme is really nice and effective.
My favourite thing about the whole MV is probably the dance shot scenes. The choreograhpy is really awesome (and fun - I tried the dance and it was fun <3), and his facial expressions during them are so awesome. Also, it's one of these dances taht has like...interaction and stuff. Like, with the female dancer, who is the girl he's trying to hook up with in the video. He interacts with her in a way that almost tells a story, but not quite. I really love dances like that, and I don't know why. I think it's because it makes them more than just dances. It adds character to the dance.
Also, I really love the Mic shots. His hair is gorgeous, and his smile looks amazing! *____*
I'd picspam. But I'm lazy as hell 8D

All in all, love the video, love the song, love the dance, love the man~
This song has managed to score itself a big fat
9 out of 10!

((This was meant to be posted a month ago. Don't I fail? 8D)

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