Wednesday, 12 October 2011

[ALBUM REVIEW] Morning Musume - 12, Smart

12, Smart this is my first time doing a proper, though-out review of...well, anything, to be all that honest. I've done simple reviews, but nothing proper.
I felt like starting with MoMusu's new album, which released today~
I just downloaded it and am giving the whole album a good listen, so, yeah...
Here are my opinions on the individual songs

  1. Give me Ai - 9/10
This song has all the ingredients to be 'that one song off the album I really love', a phrase that only really applies to H!P albums. For me, there's always this one kind of song that I like above all the others. I dunno how to explain it but I can think of examples; Moonlight Night, Fantasy ga Hajimaru, Midnight Temptation (C-ute), Magical Future! (Berryz)
On top of that, it's pretty much a total Ai linewhore fest. I mean, in most cases, linewhore fests sucks (at least, in H!P. J-Ent linewhore fests are still amazing, such as Bokura no Machi de by KAT-TUN. No bias included in this comment >.>), but, I like Ai's voice a LOT. Seriously, make her a soloist NOW~ That way she can get all the lines, and no-one will ever complain!
But, yeah, the song's catchy, the chorus has a great beat~ I love it. It's a good album-opener. Maybe creates false expectations for the rest of the album, but whatever.
Only criticism is...why in the hell did anyone think it was a good idea to give Sayu that high-ish wail note? Seriously...I mean, I like her, she's cool...but she can't sing >.> For shit.
Also, yes, Give me Ai. Now. /shot/

2. Only You - 8.9/10

Well...this was a single, wasn't it? I can't say much about it...Whatever there is to be said has already been said.
All I can say is that I've grown to accept Riho's linewhoring in general, but still keep to the view that this song is beyond her years.

3. Silver no Udedokei - 7.5/10

The opening of this song...reminds me of your typical K-Pop boyband opening. With the soft ballad style piano, and the guy saying random English words in a mixed accent on top. But, then, the beat speeds up and it becomes a oh-so very H!P-esque song.
My opinion of this song, is that it is a pretty good representation of the MoMusu we will be seeing now. That's right, no Sayu, thanks?
Riho's a little too squeaky for the song, I feel, and I'm disappointed that all of her lines weren't Ai's. That's Riho, right? It's clear they're trying to make a transition here, showing us what it's like without Ai...but she would have suited this song beautifully. Ah well, this song is perfect for Reina's voice. And, at least Riho can do decent high notes...
The was unexpected, I guess. But, I'm cool with rap, so it's good. I mean, the girls aren't exactly awesome rappers, but they're good enough.
Also, the random guy returns in the instrumental...and I realise he sounds kinda like he's just been whipped straight out a classic YG Entertainment song. I know what that sounds like, cause I'm Old Skool.
Okay, I lie. My younger sister is an avid YG fan, that's why.
Also, the last solo before each chorus...reminds me of a NEWS song, but I dunno why. Or was it a Yamapi solo? Something with Yamapi in it...

4. Suki da na Kimi ga 5/10

This song...really isn't for me. It's too squeaky, and something about the chorus' tune bugs me.
And the random background voices in the instrumentals sound like they're saying 'Jizz, I wanna jizz', which is a bit off-putting >.>
Anyway, the song's got one of those dance-techno beats, that I guess I wouldn't mind, but this song...doesn't work for me...
Sadly, I think the overdose of Sayumi is to blame. Sayumi and other squeaky members. I do like squeaky people, my fav H!P member is Morning Musume...maybe it's the song is trying to be super-cutsey, while being too squeaky at the same time, and I want to kick the song in the face? It's part of the reason why I don't like S/mileage as much. But S/mileage kick this song's ass.
I like the instrumental, though~
Maybe cause I know I can listen to it without fearing those annoying Sayu-squeaks.
I'm not a Sayu-hater, trust me. But, her as a linewhore...doesn't work for me...

5. Kaiketsu Positive A - 9/10

I love this song like I love I'm Lucky Girl. It's got a similar feel to it, I guess~
Morning Musume needs more singles like this. Quit saving them all for the albums, Tsunku! Also, this song signifies the long-awaited (for me, anyway) return of Ai as a person who gets lines, and I can hear in the chorus.
The tune is really catchy, the song's energy is really powerful, and everyone gets lines. The Kyuukies all get multiple. ALL OF THEM!
I don't think Mittsi's so lucky. But she's not Kanon, so w/e. 8D

6. Kono Ai wo Kasanete - 8.9/10

From what I can gather, this song is a TakaGaki duet. I love these together. They blend so perfectly. And the song is really sweet sounding. Somehow, it reminds me of Kame and Junno's SPECIAL HAPPINESS of the first KAT-TUN album. Not really sure how, though. But it gives off the same kind of emotion, almost.
Both their voices sound really beautiful here~ I love Ai's annunciation in the song. This song is really nice. Another favourite off this album for me. And the high notes sound absolutely beautiful~ They're perfect (and there's no Sayu runing them /shot/).
Thank you, Tsunku, for giving these girls another duet. It was genius of you.

7. Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Negatterun da yo! - 9.2/10

This is probably one of my favourite MoMusu singles in a while, and it's a brilliant last song for Ai~ Of course, since it's a single, I'm too lazy to say anything about it. 8D

8. Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai! - 8.5/10

I also really love this song, but not as much as the previous one. Again, too lazy for singles...

9. My Way ~Joshikou Hanamichi~ - 8.5/10

To me, something about this song seems very Berryz-esque. Probably the guitars, to be honest. Though, the instrumental break thingies remind me of Spyro music, and that makes me feel all happy and nostalgic. The chorus has a typical H!P sound kinda blended with some anime thing. And I swear I can hear Kame, depsite how impossible it may seem. And I mean Eri, not Kazuya. That would confuse me too much...
Line distribution seems fair enough. Or at least, Kanon gets a line or two, I think. And Sayu gets a shouting line. Which I approve of, btw. See, I don't hate her. I'm just not so crazy about her.
Anyway, this song is nice~ Not super original and doesn't stand out to me, but has a nice refreshing and energetic feel to it. I like it <3 And it sounds so H!P-ish. Also, on top of Berryz and anime, the chorus has a Buono!-ish feel to it~ Like, classic Buono! stuff~

10. Otome no Timing - 7.8/10

Starts seems like another song that wants to barf bubblegum on me.
And, then, the singing starts. This mus be Aika and the Kyuukies' song? Is it all of the Kyuukies or just some?
I only recognise Aika and Kanon, cause I fail.
And maybe Erina?
Though, I do know what Mizuki sounds like. What?
Regardless, the song sounds really nice, and it's nice to hear what these members sound like. And one of them sounds like Nakky, but which one, dammit ><
But, the song has a nice sweet feel, and no longer sounds like it's barfing bubblegum, but instead candy floss. Which is nicer, any day.
Anyway, though I did like the song, I dunno if it has a lasting impression on me, and I mostly liked the fact that Aika got a chance to linewhore. How nice for her~ ^O^

11. OK YEAH! - 8.9/10

This song just from the very first line is another favourite from this album. It's got an awesome ParaPara sound.
Though, it sounds a bit like a heavier version of S/mileage's Uchouten Love in some bits. But, it also such a typical MoMusu song. At least, the Ai-leader era. Or whatever.
But, the verses sound really awesome. And the chorus sounds even awesome. The blending in is too perfect, and the shouting in the background sounds great. It's a really powerful-sounding song. And Gaki's voice sounds really pretty. Of course, so does Ai. But that's a given. At least when you're as biased towards her as I am. Some lines of this song have an almost classic anime sound to them. Well...not classic. That inbetween thing.
Though, the stupid voice halfway through annoyed me. But he turned into a noise that reminds me both of 2NE1's Can't Nobody and BIGBANG's Hands Up! in one go...
Anyway, yeah, that's one catchy chorus. And Reina's last soloin the penultimate sounds really awesome. Unfortunately, like Kono Ai wo Kasanete, despite the awesomeness, it doesn't quite hit a 9, but it's too awesome to be any lower than 8.9. So, there you have it xD

12. Maji Desu ka Ska! - 7/10

There is only one thing for me to say. And that is...I like this single less than when it came out. When it came out it was a dead-on 9, but I suppose the song's been a bit overdone...or something...

This was actually an Average Score. I put the Scores into a calculator, added them and divided them by 12, the number of scores. Just in case you didn't know how averages worked >.>;;
So, basically, yeah, it was a good album. But I still preferred the last 3. 'specially 10 MY ME. So, yeah, the album's good. Really good. But not great or super-amazing. I think it would have been better but that one song let me down...
Ah well~
It's Ai's last MoMusu release ever, better enjoy it while I can...
I'll miss you, Ai~
Go solo please? /shot/


  1. XD This post seriously made me giggle, especially the little pun on the Give Me Love song, because it's so easy to make a pun out of.

    D'aw, you no laik Sayumi D8 But I agree in a way XD I also agree about Riho mostly - the song where she hogs a lot of the lines is not her best.


  2. Puns. I like making them 8D

    I don't dislike Sayumi, her herself is great. I just dun like her voice ><
    And I do like Riho, but she doesn't suit mature songs, cause her voice hasn't matured yet D':

    Serious? Hurm?