Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A new chapter begins in the Never Ending Wonderful Story...

This is no news (pardon the pun) to any Johnny's fan now, but I felt like posting my views on the matter.
I mean, that's what blogs are for, right?

First off, basic summing-up of the dealio with this

Mr Pi decided his best of course of action was to focus on his up-and-coming solo career, and y'know what? I don't really blame him - NEWS have been pretty damn inactive for some time, and he's been doing way more solo work than group work. Might as well go with the one that's most likely to go anywhere, right? Ryo's reason for reason, however, or so I like to believe, seems to boil down to pure Osaka Love. Or maybe it was the same reason I've given Yamapi? He left because being in two groups was getting a bit too much for the poor chap, so he decided he had to drop one. Of course, he went with the one which lacked in sheer Kansai awesome, or rather, the one that was inactive. This year's been pretty active for the Kanjanies, whereas, for NEWS, it's been a rather...dead year (unless you're Tegomass). So, I believe they both had good reason to leave. Not saying I wanted them to, but I'll go into the more personal emotion-based side of stuff later.

Here, I've decided to take a look at the dramatic line-up change since 2003, and each ex-member's reason for leaving, if you can read it. Kusano's is still probably one of the best reasons ever - caught drinking 'something' out of a can. Bless, being an idol can be harsh? I don't blame the guy for buggering straight off to another company when that's your treatment. Ah, well, at least the old Johnny's kind to some of them -coughJinandRyocough-

It may take some getting used to...4-member NEWS. Even when Jin left KAT-TUN, as upset as I was by the whole affair (mainly due to my huge-ass Jin-bias), I adapted quick enough. At least to the image of the group. I was already familiar with 5-member KAT-TUN thanks to Bokura no Machi de and Cartoon KAT-TUN II : YOU - admittedly, it took me longer to accept that Jin was gone forever, but whatever-, but I've never seen this lineup together for NEWS. I imagine it may be hard for me to adjust. I will still support the group - they're my 2nd favourite group, and they're going to stay as such, no matter who leaves. Unless, Jin & Pi miraculously form some kind of wonderful duo group. Though, fortunately for NEWS, the chances of that are pretty damned slim ;D

Now, how I feel about this...
Well, I didn't want it to happen. At. All.
I mean, I'm sure everyone feels that way. Well, except my friend, who is apparently glad that Pi's gone. I wanna hit her round the face for that.
Cause, yeah, Yamapi is my favourite member. By a looooooong shot. He's my 4th favourite singer. Full stop. Though, I absolutely adore him as a soloist, so that's some consellation, at least. Ryo is my 3rd favourite in the group, losing to Tego. I really love Ryo and his voice, but I don't listen to Kanjani8 as much. I mean, I like them, I do. Trust me. It's just...I haven't heard any of their new songs since...TWL...I don't even know their names. Except that one had something to do with...homes? I don't know. Ah well...That's my own fault, I guess.

All in all, I'm totally gutted about the whole situation. I read the title of the article over on tokyohive and sincerely hoped it was some kind of April Fool's joke. Then, I remembered it was October...And, tears actually welled up in my eyes. xD No joke.
I mean, I knew everyone kinda saw the Pi thing coming eventually, but most of us didn't want to accept the rumours. But, it wasn't just that. The double-departure bit got me especially. I mean, 2 out of the 3 Johnnies in my Top 10 Johnnies Ranking had left my 2nd favourite group at once! It was a shock, really.
And to add to the suckiness, this signified the second departure of my favourite from a Johnny's group...And it also happened exactly a week after Ai Takahshi's graduation from Morning Musume, Ai being my favourite. Also, the month just before, Heechul, my favourite SuJu boy, had just left for his 2-year army training.
How fun xD

Well, I plan on supporting all members in all their fields, even the older ones. Not that I know how to support Kusano. I still support Uchi.
But, I don't support Taka. But he's not really anyone but 'That Guy-wait, who?' to me. :/ So, yeah...


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