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Taking US Success for a...TEST DRIVE

So, yeah, most Jin fans know already but the dates and details for Jin's US debut were released today, as well as the promo pic.

So, details. I shall go into them. Yes.

The single is called 'TEST DRIVE ft. Jason Derulo'. My opinions on Mr Derulo...I'll go into them slightly later.

Promo Pics

Single Cover. Not sure what I make of it. Features a class Jin epicface. Is his mic...exploding?
Poster at Shibuya. Looking pretty effective against the night sky. Has the dates on it, which ruins the surprise when I type them up later on -.-;

This picture's kinda like...'Look at NYC be replaced by Jin, ahaha!' Is it okay that it entertains me for that reason? I love NYC, but, yeah...xD Also, Kis-My-Ft2 seem to be getting replaced by...Sexy Zone, maybe? Cause that's a Fuma...or a Kento...if I ever did see one. They're from B.I.Shadow, anyway...>.>

Release Dates
Yeah, the pictures above didn't ruin that part for me xD
So, looks like their are two versions, the US Ver and the Japan Ver. I'll go into the differences in a minute.
First off, the dates themselves;
US - 8th November (I spent all of September wanting it to be October, but I want it to be November! Or at least, the end of October...)
Japan - 7th December (A week after GACKT & KAT-TUN. This satisifes me =w= I mean, aside from the fact my birthday happens within that time, too...)

As stolen from Tokyohive who stole it from Sanspo
'Singer, Akanishi Jin (27) will distribute his new song “TEST DRIVE Featuring JASON DERULO” in the U.S. on November 8th, officially making his U.S. debut. The new song will be a duet song with Jason Derulo. The track is described as an up-tempo R&B song.

Akanishi commented, “I’m happy to be able to receive this opportunity. I’m looking forward to sharing my music with many people.”

Though it will only be released as a digital song in the US, he will release the song in Japan on December 7th, as part of an upcoming mini album, which will include three other tracks. It was also reported that Akanishi is currently recording an album he is planning to release in the US next year.'

That's right. There is no physical version of the US single. A letdown? Kinda. US Release => UK Release, and Derulo-Boy's more popular here than in the US, anyway. But, there's a physical Japanese release, so, yeah. At least there's something there with substance.

Now, are any of you wondering why this is the case, this whole business with Digital Singles and stuff? Well, even though I only worked this out myself...well, look at the title of the song. Or rather, the title of this post. Worked it out yet?

Well, basically, the deal is, Jin is planning to release 2 singles and an album in US in the near future. Thing is, this is a case of 'if'. Not even maybe, if. 'TEST DRIVE' will be put up on iTunes for download - like, paid download, obviously - which sucks, I don't have an iTunes account and generally don't do that, paying for downloads thing...Anyway, so...the market will be tested by number of downloads and radio coverage. Basically, if it does well, that will show that there is an open market for Jin, and the 2nd single and album will be released. However, if this doesn't go so well, then...well, it'll prove that there isn't really a market for Jin in the US, and the 2nd single and album will be scrapped. Or in the US, at least.

For those reasons, I think 'TEST DRIVE' is a pretty clever name. Though the song, from what I've heard, is clearly about women or whatever, the title itself has a double meaning, also referring to the fact this single is Jin test driving the possibilities of his success in the Western market. Or that is what I believe. And, I don't believe I'm looking too much into things. Y'know, Bakanishi can be smarter than he looks...sometimes ^o^

Furthermore, I think this is a pretty good method. It's better than just jumping in, investing money into something, then watching it all crash and burn. Now, I'm not saying Jin's going to fail, by the way. In fact, using these methods, I don't suspect great failure, at all ;D

Urp, I rambled...(NOTE : I go off on tangents)


US Single

1.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (7th Heaven Mix)
2.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (Main Mix)
3.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (Funky Stepz Mix)
4.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (Static Revenger Dub)

Japan Mini-Album

First-Press Limited

1.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (7th Heaven Mix)
2.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (Main Mix)
3.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (Funky Stepz Mix)
4.MY MP3


1.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO (7th Heaven Mix)
2.TEST DRIVE featuring. JASON DERULO(Main Mix)
3.TEST DRIVE featuring JASON DERULO(Static Revenger Mix Show Edit)
4.MY MP3

Basically, you want that PV? Pre-order the damned thing! I know I'm going to ;D (Just lucky that's the time of year when I get money ;w;)

Now, for the tracklisting.
I would have reallt loved Magnitude to be on there, but, whatever, PAPARATS is amazing, too~ And MY MP3. God, jizz, much?
I do like TIPSY LOVE, but, ehh, never really had the same effect on my. Though, the other two are my 2nd and 4th favourite of the YELLOW GOLD tour songs~ Gya~
As for all these 'mixes'...Imma assume that 'Main Mix' is the normal version? xD I DON'T KNOW!
This is confusing business.


WARNING - Ranting shall ensure

What do I make of Mr Derulo? Mr Jason The Loo Roll /shot/
Okay, I'll be honest. Before Jin's collab was announced, I had no idea who Jason was xD
I asked some friends at school about him and the responses I got were interesting;
'He's some guy who always says his own names in his songs';
'Jason Derulo is a twat'

Not quite the answers I was looking for, but, fine.
However, since then, I've gotten a better idea of who he is, and I understand that I'm not a fan.
That 'It Girl' song is on the TV a lot, when my sister surfs through channels in desperate pursuit of whatever Example song she can find...and I can say, I don't really like it.
Plus, he's stupid. Like, not actually, I dunno about his academic qualities. But, I saw this interview, and the interviewer's all like, 'So, are you doing any more collaborations soon?' and he's like 'Ah, no, I am not. I may releases remixes and stuff, though'
Watching this, I'm just sitting there like, 'Huh? Did I hear that right? WHAT ABOUT FRIGGEN JIN, YA...Ughhhhh'
Not a way to impress the Phob, no way, Mr Loo Roll.

He can sing, though, so, whatever...

Will I buy it?

Of. Course. I. Bloody. Will. 8D.
Not the US one, though. Like I said, I dun do the whole iTunes thing. I have some kind of contempt towards Apple. I mean, aside from the fact that I hear that they don't treat their workers well, but I just dun really like their products. They're over-rated. I mean...the iPod? I'm fine with a SONY WALKMAN. I dun see how they're a worse choice. I mean, first off, they 100% less prone to breaking than those god-damned iPods. Besides, recent models for iPods. Are. Ugly. Especially the new iPod Nano. It's hideous, wtf? I mean, I had an MP3 Player the same general shape. But he looked nice, difference (he deserves a gender). And whoever decided that 'the iPad is beautiful' is stupid. It's a giant touch screen. I hate touch screen. I don't mind iTunes itself, but I'm more of a Windows Media Player person, but whatever. I don't do paid downloads either.
So, yeah, Anti-Apple rant aside, I'll be buying the Japanese mini-album. With my birthday money *____*
Though, I only plan on buying the DVD version. I mean, remixes don't excite me, and if I really want TIPSY LOVE, I can just download it individually. Besides, I have a feeling the Making-Of will be mostly in English. A bonus for us English-speakers ;D

So, that's all for now. I'll come back to this topic when more news is released, or when the single releases.

Also, if you read all of must be either bored...or...I dunno xD

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